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We are working for changes to the Manufactured Home Park Tenancy Act to make it more sustainable for Homeowners and Landlords.
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2022 Property Assessments

Property Tax Assessments are received by mail in early January each year. You can also access your property tax information online  at: 

If you believe your assessment is incorrect you can visit the BC Assessment website at: or contact BC Assessment at:    1-866-825-8322 or 604-739-8588.

After contacting BC Assessment, if you still believe your assessment is incorrect you can file notice of Complaint (appeal) form. Additional information about the appeal process is listed on the back of your 2022 notice of assessment.

For more information on appeals and current COVID protocols regarding communication with BC Assessment and the Property Assessment Review Panel please visit the links below:

Why is your Home Assessment Important?
You should always make sure that your assessed value is up to date with the current market values (i.e. what similar homes in your park have recently sold for). It may be tempting to save taxes, but if your park is closed for redevelopment and compensation is due to you, it will be based on the assessed value whether or not it is current.

Selling Your Home 

Selling a Manufactured Home (MH) in a manufactured home park is not the same as selling a single-family dwelling in a residential neighbourhood. There are rules that apply so you need to: 

  • Make sure your home has a Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Certification label which should be attached on the outside of your home. A CSA label ensures the home meets standard requirements.
  • Understand the Assignment of Tenancy form (RTB-10) in order to assign the current pad rent to the new home owner.
  • Confirm your Realtor is experienced selling manufactured homes.

 Do the homework, don’t take any of the above for granted. For example, if anyone (park manager, landlord, Realtor) mentions that an RTB-10 form is not important it’s NOT true. More information about (MH) Tenancy Assignment is provided online by searching the Manufactured Home Park Tenancy Regulation under ‘Section 7.’

Click HERE to view the RTB Forms available to download
Click HERE to view addition information about selling your home

Click HERE to view information about CSA requirements
Click HERE to view information on buying & selling manufactured homes

Emergency Preparedness

2021 will be remembered as the worst year on record for wildfires, floods and landslides. Record heat and cold have heightened our awareness of the changing climate and the need to address emergency preparedness in our communities.

Current emergency preparedness programs available can include education about:

  • Fire Safety Programs
  • Wildfire Preparedness
  • Flood Preparedness
  • Earthquake and Tsunami Preparedness

Find out if Emergency Response management teams are active in your community by contacting your local Fire Department, Municipality or Regional District. Comprehensive guides for emergency preparedness planning are available on the BC Government website at the links below:

If you are considering starting an emergency preparedness team in your manufactured home park, send us an email, we have the resources to get you started.

Click HERE for more Emergency Preparedness information

BCMHO is now, a registered company representing Active Manufactured Home Owners Society.

We have expanded our Board of Directors who bring a new focus, extensive work and personal experience to They represent Manufactured Home Owners throughout British Columbia and they also live in manufactured home communities. We are currently working with  provincial and park associations to create a stronger voice for homeowners who live in these communities.

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Our Privacy Policy

Occasionally home owners are reluctant to speak up when problems occur in their park community, therefore, we have a privacy policy which states that we will not divulge members names or the number of members we have to anyone. Any information that you share with us will not be shared with anyone else without your permission.

The material on our web site does not constitute legal or professional advice and is presented as information only. We recommend you consult a lawyer if you want professional assurance that our information, and your interpretation of it, is appropriate to your particular situation.