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Appealing Property Tax Assessments

Every year, resident home owners who live in manufactured home parks are assessed for property tax on their home and that assessment does NOT include the land the home sits on. This means that the tax payment due each year is much lower than a single family dwelling that includes both the home and the land.

Why would you want the assessed value of your manufactured home increased?
If your  park is closed for development and compensation is due to you it will be based on the current assessed value of your home.
You should always make sure that your assessed value is up to date with the current market values (e.g. what similar homes in your park have recently sold for).

Would that mean manufactured home owners have to pay more property tax?
If the value of your home increases and your property tax is higher, the amount will be minimal and will also depend on whether you are under 65 or, 65 years and older. The minimal increase in taxes due does not compare to the loss of home value if your Park is sold and re-developed, because at that point, you will only receive the current assessed value for your home. You can also decide to defer your tax payment, in which case the amount owing will be paid to the local tax authority when the home is sold.

So, how do you appeal your property tax assessment?
Although it is TOO late to have your property re-assessed for the 2022 taxation year, you can contact BC Assessment Authority to ask that your property assessment is reviewed for 2023.

The steps for an assessment review are:

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RTB-10 Request for Consent to Assign a Manufactured Home Site Tenancy Agreement

At we hear from many of our members about issues they have with the RTB-10 Consent to Assign form; when to use it, who needs to know about it and what the rules are around a landlord withholding consent. This is important because a negative experience regarding use of the form can, in some cases, turn away prospective home buyers.

So what is the RTB-10 form and why use it when selling your manufactured home?
The RTB-10 form allows the purchaser to pay the current amount of pad rent until the next rent increase. 

Who needs to know about the RTB-10 form?
Everyone involved in the sale; seller, buyers, realtors and park owner.

Here are some facts:
- It is the realtor's responsibility to present information to the seller about the RTB-10 Consent to Assign form.
- The seller can decide to use the form or not.
- If the seller decides to use the form, the seller's realtor must provide the buyer's realtor with a copy of the form for the buyer to complete.
- Once all parties have completed the form, the seller must serve the request on the park owner in accordance with the Act, in sufficient time prior     to the effective date of the proposed assignment to allow the park owner to respond.
- If the seller does not receive a response from the park owner by the end of the 10th day after receiving the form, consent to this request will be      conclusively deemed to have been given.

There are 5 valid reasons for a park owner to refuse consent to the buyer:
1. Negative credit rating. This must include written proof of bad credit.
2. References indicate the tenant is unlikely to comply with the tenancy agreement. This must include written proof.
3. Unlikely or unable to pay rent. This must include written proof.
4. Buyer does not intend to live in the park.
5. Every reasonable effort has failed to contact the references. This must include written proof, including dates and times attempts were made to      contact the references.

Do the homework before you sell your home. If anyone (park manager, park owner, realtor) mentions that an RTB-10 form is not important it’s NOT true. More information about Manufactured Home Tenancy Assignment is provided online by searching the Manufactured Home Park Tenancy Regulation under ‘Section 7.’ If you need more information contact the Residential Tenancy Branch. See our "Resources" page for RTB contact information.

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